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Welcome to the Connecticut Cancer Trials Listings, a collection of clinical cancer trials in the state of Connecticut that are recruiting. This site is intended to help cancer patients and their doctors find the trials that fit their needs and to introduce patients to the world of clinical trials and give them the tools to make informed decisions.

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Learn about Clinical Trials
  • Learn about Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials are research studies that test new drugs or other treatments. There are many types of cancer trials, each tailored for specific types of cancer and stages in the treatment process.

Learn how to use this site
  • Learn how to use this site

    Learn how to navigate the cancer trial process through step-by-step guides to getting started, as well as more detailed help in understanding trial listings.

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Trials by cancer type

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This site is sponsored by the Connecticut Cancer Partnership, a broad and diverse coalition of individuals and organizations representing stakeholders in Connecticut's cancer community.

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